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Credit/Debit Card Payment Form

Credit/Debit Card Info


I understand my deposit will be credited toward rent if I sign a lease. I understand if the landlord rejects my application or if the apartment is unavailable my deposit will be refunded. If I default (cancel my application after it is submitted; do not sign a lease after my application is approved; give false information; or fail to pay any outstanding balance) I agree that the minimum amount of damages is $150 and increases to $300 after I am approved. These amounts are not a forfeiture or penalty but a reasonable approximation of the minimum damages to us. APARTMENT PEOPLE reserves the right to retain more than $300 if the damages are higher. I authorize APARTMENT PEOPLE to retrieve my credit report; criminal and eviction records; and landlord and employment history. I authorize this information to be shared with the management company or property owner. I understand that separate fees are required for each applicant and cosigner. I understand the credit fee is not refundable. The management co./owner solely reviews, accepts or rejects all applications. APARTMENT PEOPLE is a listing agent for the management co./owner and does not accept or reject any applications. APARTMENT PEOPLE complies with all Equal Housing Opportunity Laws.

By clicking Submit I agree to pay the amount according to the policy described above.

The Apartment People/ AP Realty is a licensed broker corporation in the state of Illinois.